Monday, November 24, 2008

First day.....OPpss

" Your school just at the main road!!"
So surprise from a other school teacher just i knowing him for 3 hour
when pass away there.

Really thankful about have someone can fetch me there.^^
Most happy is can meet four pretty, sweety and beauty new teacher and
a handsome guy will be admire to the school girls.

More over are the friendly and helpful teacher at the school. (^2^)
Thanks all the teacher help for orientation



Dear Cikgu Lee Lian,
Nice having you to joint us as teachers here at SMKTPG. Hope you will have wonderfull years to come. Don't hesistage to ask for help.

Iena said...

Welcome to SMKTPG..=))))

Naim Nair said...

Dear Lee Lian

Welcome to TPG, land of the warriors.
Nice to see you guys penning yours thoughts. I'm pleasantly surprised by your group's willingness to come during holidays and help out in the school. Keep up the good work. Anyway, I think you need some help with your English. Do not hesitate to ask for help= as the saying goes "ask and ye shall be given". The Malays also have a beautiful saying "Segan bertanya sesat jalan"
Check out the meaning of "pass away" or is that what you really meant

david santos said...

Have a nice week!!!

Panitia Geografi SMKTPG said...

Selamat Berblogging...